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Heroes of Everyday Life®

Every year our Heroes of Everyday Life® are honored for the work they do to help others. We are extremely proud of the good our Heroes have done.

2015 Heroes

Sodexo Foundation recognizes Sodexo employees who invest their time, talent, and service spirit in helping those at-risk of hunger in the United States. Nominated by a colleague, friend or employer, selected Heroes are honored at the annual Sodexo Foundation Dinner and receive a $5,000 grant for their hunger-related charity of choice. Each nominee is evaluated on: demonstrated impact; level of positive influence on their local communities; the number of people affected; whether or not others were motivated to join the fight against hunger; and, whether activities were innovative and educational. Their efforts make us proud and we strongly believe they should be officially and publicly acknowledged for their dedication, leadership and contributions to their communities.

Nominate a Sodexo employee for a 2016 Hero of Everyday Life award. The nomination process is now quicker and simpler than ever. Hero Nominations are due March 4.

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