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Sodexo’s efforts to fight hunger began in 1996 in the United States. Over the years, the effort spread across the country and, even around the world as Sodexo employees, suppliers, clients and consumers rallied to the cause.

Today, Stop Hunger is present in 42 countries with the goal of being in all 80 countries where Sodexo does business. Globally our efforts to fight hunger include local aid to those in need, support for social entrepreneurs developing innovative methods for fighting hunger, and emergency assistance in the wake of natural disasters affecting large populations as well as aid to chronic hunger zones. These efforts are supported globally by six key actions: Servathon, cause-related partnerships, community gardens, food donations, payroll giving, and volunteerism.

Stop Hunger in the United States:

  • Feeding Our Future® – a summer meal program where Sodexo partners with hunger relief organizations to provide nutritious meals to children. This program donates the food necessary to provide summer meals to children who would otherwise go hungry.
  • Servathon – Sodexo sets aside the month of April for its employees to join forces globally to fight hunger in their communities. Employees gain gratifying experiences while developing important team-building skills. Servathon activities include fundraisers, food drives, volunteering at food banks, donating surplus food, and payroll deductions.
  • Food Donations – Sodexo donates surplus perishable and non-perishable food to Feeding America members and other local food banks across the country. All of our accounts are encouraged to donate surplus food to local food banks. Donating food that would otherwise go to waste not only feeds hungry people, but also helps the environment by reducing food waste. Sodexo Foundation has partnerships with student-led non-profits, like The Campus Kitchens Project and Food Recovery Network that spearhead food recovery efforts on several Sodexo-supported campuses; Sodexo employees often volunteer alongside students to help recover and donate food.
  • The Backpack Food Program – a program of local food banks that Sodexo supports to provide backpacks filled with nutritious, easy-to-prepare, non-perishable food for students who are at-risk of hunger when free or reduced-price school lunches are not available. Backpacks are discreetly distributed to deserving students in easily accessible and safe environments on the last day prior to a weekend or holiday vacation.
  • Cause-related Partnerships – We have several partnerships within our supplier network through which products are sold to Sodexo accounts and consumers with a portion of the sale benefiting Sodexo Foundation. In 2014, our cause-related partners included Aspretto/Numi Tea, Astor Chocolate, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Safety Shoe Vendors (IPP, Keuka Footwear, Lehigh Safety Shoes, SRMax, Shoes for Crews), Summit Marketing, and The French’s Food Company.
  • Community Gardens – Sodexo Foundation funds many community garden projects through our YSA partnership and the Youth Grant Program. Community gardens provide opportunities for those in need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables that they may not have the opportunity to buy. Gardens also educate children on the importance of eating healthy.
  • Payroll Giving – All Sodexo employees have the opportunity to contribute by donating a small portion of their paycheck to Sodexo Foundation. Sodexo takes pride in matching employee payroll contributions dollar-for-dollar and 100% goes directly to support hunger-fighting initiatives.
  • Volunteerism – We encourage two forms of volunteering: basic volunteering that requires no special skills other than the heart and the willingness to offer time and empathy to others and a willingness to act for change; and skills-based volunteering for those who perform specific tasks for NGOs like healthy cooking demonstrations, nutrition education, and food safety training to name a few.

Recognition Programs of Sodexo Foundation:

  • Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarships – a program that recognizes students who are driving awareness and mobilizing youth to be catalysts for innovative models that provide solutions to eliminate hunger in America. Scholarship winners receive a $5,000 scholarship and a $5,000 grant for their hunger-related charity.
  • Heroes of Everyday Life® – Sodexo recognizes employees who have invested time, talent, and service spirit to help those at risk of hunger. Award recipients are honored at the annual Sodexo Foundation Dinner and receive $5,000 for their hunger-related charity of choice.

Please note: Sodexo Foundation does not review or consider grant applications.

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