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Impact of School Breakfast on Children's Health and Learning

Hunger has a definitive, negative moral and monetary effect on our nation. Sodexo and its partners are producing landmark studies to determine the true consequences of hunger and the innovative steps states are taking to help America's working poor.

Millions of American children may be attending school without the nutrition necessary to learn despite the fact that Congress has made the funds available, according to a study sponsored by the Sodexo Foundation. The federally funded School Breakfast Program as one of the ways to help solve the problem – but not all schools participate.  

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Participation in school breakfast programs is an important way to help meet the nutritional needs of students. To help you, USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service has revised its online guide, “Expanding Your School Breakfast Program” so schools and other community groups have the resources they need. The guide offers helpful ways to build a School Breakfast Expansion team, identify methods to increase participation, create an action plan to address program improvements, and develop marketing strategies to make breakfasts healthier and more appealing to students. To access these, visit the FNS Web site: Expanding Your School Breakfast Program.

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