Why empower women?


Backed up by figures, the conclusion is clear: providing women with better education, training, means of production and financial resources will maximize the possibility of eradicating hunger from the world by 2030!


  • 55% of the progress in the fight against hunger during the past 25 years comes from improvements to the social situation of women.
  • The agricultural yield of developing countries would increase to 4% and up to 150 million more people could be fed if women had the same resources as men: training in good agricultural practices, financing and access to land, equipment, markets…
  • The more educated women are, the higher their income: between 10 and 25% of additional salary. And hunger could decline by 43% with a higher level of education for women.
  • Women spend up to 90% of their income on food, health and education for their families, compared with only 30-40% for men. A child has a 30% greater chance of surviving if the mother controls the family budget.